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We offer a 1-1 online consultation for any health issue you have. The initial consultation will provide us with the information we need to assess and recommend a tailored health plan for you.

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We offer consultations (either in clinic or via zoom) for any health issue you have. See individual consultation for more details.

Individual consultations are ideally suited when you have a health goal (or some current health concerns) and you would like help getting started on a diet and lifestyle plan designed just for you and your lifestyle.

An initial consultation (75 – 90mins) will typically include each of the following elements:

  • Complete an in-depth health & lifestyle questionnaire (in advance by client)
  • Establish your health goals
  • Consider symptoms, medical history, family history and lifestyle factors including movement, sleep and stress.
  • Dietary review and nutrition advice.
  • Full Body Composition analysis: weight, BMI, fat %, muscle mass, metabolic age.
  • Personal coaching to support new food choices and assistance forming new habits.
  • Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation (if applicable).
  • Recommendations on clinical tests and interpretation (if necessary).
  • Liaise with your GP or other health care practitioners (if necessary).

You will receive:

  • Dietary recommendations.
  • Supplement suggestions (if appropriate).
  • Lifestyle suggestions
  • Customized meal plan and shopping list
  • Relevant handouts and resources
  • Recipe recommendations (as needed)

After the initial consultation, we typically arrange a follow-up consultation (check-in phone calls or in clinic / online consultations) or schedule a programme of appointments to allow the individual time to incorporate changes & monitor progress at a pace that suits you.

NOTE: Most clients have been experiencing symptoms for a number of years prior to coming to see us and in our experience, we need a period of time to work together to provide you with the support you need to achieve your goals; rarely will a one-off appointment suffice.

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