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"I attended the clinic with Jenny as I needed guidance on how to get back eating more mindfully for digestive and thyroid issues. She was so down to earth and practical about her approach and advice for me. I was given tips and a food plan that I was easily able to adapt to my lifestyle. Jenny made it so easy to understand why I needed to eat certain foods while avoiding others. I still use her food plan today esp in relation to snacks etc. I was able to get my sleeping patterns back on track, my skin improved, and I have more energy on a day to day basis. I cannot recommend Jenny enough as everything she taught me was very doable, the recipes were so tasty, and I feel so much better. Thank you so much. "
AMGApril 2020
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"I am really happy with the changes I’ve made and am going good with the "change of lifestyle”. Thank you for your professional help, thank you for your kind and gentle help. You are made for that job! Sincere thanks from a much healthier and happier me!"
HG - Digestive ClientOctober 2020
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"I have never been better. I have been pain free since March the 17th and never looked back. I’m finished taking all supplements since July and sticking by the diet. I cannot thank you enough for all your guidance and support that helped me improve my painful symptoms.
MRJune 2019
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"I've been going to Linda for 6 months. My priority was to get healthier through nutrition so that I could prepare my body for pregnancy.Having had a pregnancy loss and finding out I have endometriosis. I knew I had to get stronger and healthier before we could try again. When I first met Linda I was an anxious mess. She listened and helped calm my nerves. She made me a plan to try out and adapt as I wanted to but I had to put the effort in and I really did. Over the next 3-4 months I changed my not so healthy diet and began to eat natural, healthy and good quality produce. I've since become pregnant and I know going to Linda has played a big part in that. She helped me to focus on reducing stress also which was a big dark cloud in my life. I will continue to go to Linda as she's so knowledgeable, professional and genuinely cares."
FSOctober 2020
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"I had significant digestive symptoms, low mood, my cholesterol was very high and my weight had climbed up, I felt sluggish and had little energy. I had attended nutritionists in the past, but I found the changes quite restrictive and eventually I just fell into bad habits. Beoga was the exact opposite. From the outset Jenny was empathetic to my condition and previous experience. Her food suggestions were very manageable and not restrictive. If anything, they offered a more attractive alternative. The guidance provided at Beoga cuts through the mass marketing influence and helped me see what I needed to do to help myself. It is not difficult to procure their recommended foods, any supermarket has them, there are no overpriced fads or 'superfoods'. The recommended supplements really help, they can be a little expensive, but are worth it. The ethos of Beoga is not to be reliant on supplements so these get weaned out over time. My energy levels are coming back up, I’ve lost almost 2 stone over four months, my cholesterol is significantly lower, and I am almost at an ideal weight. Even small things like skin irritations have cleared up on their own. The difference in my physical and mental health from earlier this year cannot be overstated. I would have no hesitation recommending Beoga all I would say is if you’re thinking about it, get in touch and do it sooner rather than later. They say never put a price tag on your health, but their program is reasonably priced and is worth every penny."
CC - Female Weight Loss ClientMay 2020
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"Linda, a big thank you over all for the help this whole process has been, still is. I have found that all aspects, the information, handouts and recipes have been positive and extremely helpful, and given in a very professional and caring way throughout the consultations with you. I have more confidence that I can make healthy choices (most of the time) and have resources to help me make those choices - delicious recipes and sound information. I found understanding the science of nutrition very enlightening and the presentation of nutrition as a basis for overall good health is very motivating.  I very much appreciated this holistic approach.I also considered the service good value for money."
JM - Female Ulcerative Colitis ClientJune 2019
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"I’d highly recommend Beoga Nutrition!  I found Linda to be exceptionally kind, understanding and informative. Her menu suggestions are easy and very tasty." 
AG - Male Client with an Underactive Thyroid,June 2019
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"I feel incredible lately to be honest and I know that has a lot to do with your consultations and advice so thanks a million for that. Also the lockdown has been great for me personally as I'm not travelling internationally at all which means less eating out and more cooking your recipes at home."
AG - Female Weight Loss ClientSept 2020
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"Linda, I just wanted you to know that I am really enjoying the recommendations and I am feeling awesome and fitting into clothes that I haven’t worn in years. Thank you."