This programme is ideal if you are experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance

Symptoms include premenstrual syndrome (PMS), bloating, acne, period pain, breast tenderness, menstrual headaches, heavy periods, irritability, low mood / mood swings, anxiety, low energy or food cravings. This programme will also benefit ladies diagnosed with endometriosis, PCOS or fibroids.

This 12month programme includes

  • An initial consultation (90mins) [LINK TO INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION]

  • DUTCH (Dried urine test for complete hormones) test 

  • 3 follow up consultations (45mins)

​You will receive:

  • Dietary recommendations. 

  • DUTCH test results interpretation & associated recommendations

  • Supplement suggestions as required by test results

  • Lifestyle suggestions 

  • Customised meal plan and shopping list

  • Relevant handouts and resources

  • Recipe recommendations (as needed)

Programme Cost €750

Getting Started

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