Pure Genomics

PureGenomics® is backed by the science of nutrigenomics—the study of the relationships between our genes, nutrition, and health to help create a reliable plan of care that’s made just for you.

Get to know your SNPs

PureGenomics® identifies and analyzes parts of your DNA, called SNPs or “snips”, short for single nucleotide polymorphisms and the traits associated with them.

Some SNPs can affect how your body reacts to different things that impact your health and wellness. Some of them can also affect how your body breaks down and uses nutrients.

Beoga Nutrition use the PureGenomics® personalized actionable lifestyle and nutritional insights to help you unlock the goodness within.

The platform uses key information from your existing 23andMe® or Ancestry® DNA test results to create reports full of personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

Cost 1 hr consultation & report €175

Test add on to existing consultation €75