Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness is intrinsically linked to the wellness of the individuals working within the company. 

corporate wellness

This pressure and responsibility can impact individuals in the following ways:

  • Increase stress

  • Cause anxiety

  • Affect mood

  • Cause energy levels to drop

  • Contribute to people not performing at their very best

  • Affect how well we sleep

  • Cause headaches

  • Weight management issues

  • Contribute to poor concentration or memory issues

How can Beoga Nutrition benefit your business? 

Nutritional Therapy incorporates lifestyle medicine where we consider not only what an individual is eating but also how they eat and other lifestyle factors including their movement, relaxation, and sleep habits plus their stress levels.

At Beoga Nutrition, part of our role is to educate, empower, coach, inspire, and motivate people to make health changes. we use a range of tools to assess and identify potential health and nutritional imbalances and understand how these may be contributing to an individual’s symptoms. Our aim is to provide solutions that will help to eliminate these symptoms and achieve longer term health goals by creating individual nutritional and lifestyle plans.

Our corporate programmes offer a range of options to suit your business’ needs including:

  • Health Screening and Coaching

  • Healthy Eating Programmes

  • Nutrition Education

Consultation & Talks can be delivered in person or remotely using Zoom.

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